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All Madshus Eon Backcountry Skis Reviews

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Read the reviews below to find out what other customers are saying about the waxless Madshus Skis Eon backcountry skis and waxable Madshus Skis Eon backcountry skis.

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On / Off Trail Performer

this Madshus Eon waxless skis review by Sean

I bought these in 205 waxless. NNNBC Magnum bindings, and Rossignol BC X-9. I'm 6'4" and weigh around 200 lbs without a pack. As mentioned in other reviews, the flex is pretty soft. The extra 1/2 camber is barely there, but they actually glide really well for a waxless ski. I only notice the MGV pattern dragging on bumpy ice, so the soft extra 1/2 camber must work. They grip well on climbs, especially if stomped. They turn and edge well and can be skated with stiffer NNNBC boots like the X-9. When I occasionally use them with lower, softer boots without a plastic cuff, edging becomes a chore. They are at home on steep, twisty and rough snowmachine trails, singletrack and off trail. The twistier or steeper the trail, the more worthwhile it is to seek out and install the old, solid, white NNNBC bumpers. I've used them for day trips, overnighters and grouse/ptarmigan hunting and have no complaints.

Highly Capable Ski Even At -40 Below

this Madshus Eon waxable skis review by Eric

This ski will be a 5-star ski... I just took my new skis out today at home in was 37 below zero and the Eons were a little slow at first but once the wax "broke in" after a few miles all was good! I didn't have a chance to take them down hill yet but breaking trail in the fresh foot of snow we had this week was nearly effortless...the tips kept reaching up and all was good. Great trail breaking problems. Not too quick on the flat but hey, it was ski, even a skinny one, really glides that well at this temp. On the way back the glide improved greatly...I can't wait until it warms for optimal wax use. Still, it moved along better than I expected. I'm 5'8" and almost 200 lbs fully equipped. I went with the 205cm wax version for my style of skiing, which is more off trail (minimal trail) use. I'm not so much looking for hills but the few I encounter in interior AK will be no problem for this ski. It is NOT a groomed trail ski but that is ok as icy snow machine and mushing trails are my norm. It looks like a large big ski in your hand, but once on your feet I had no problem following narrow moose paths through the muskegs and black spruce. I paired the Eons with my leather Crispi Antartic boot and they felt great...perfect setup! I gave 4-Stars only because I haven't fully put them through their paces yet and because the flex was a little softer than I expected... and seeing “Made in China” is a little disappointing. No one had these skis locally so I bought them blind and I guess I was expecting "camber and a half" to be a little stiffer, but it is only a minor issue (soft flex kept the tips high in the powder…so it’s a trade off); if you're looking for more camber Fischer might be a better bet. Still...I have no doubt they will become a 5-Star ski. Thanks ORS Cross Country Skis Direct!

Great Ski

this Madshus Eon waxless skis review by Lyndo

Bought this ski for a 10 day back pack ski trip through the Bob Marshell Wilderness (in March) South to North. Great ski for traveling, yet wide enough for the down hills with a pack.

Excellent Set Up for New England's Rolling Hills

this Madshus Eon waxless skis review by Sheila

Made the switch this year to Madshus Eon waxless skis with the Voile HD Mountaineer 3 pin binding and climbing wires from older Karhu waxed backcountry skis. Excellent glide and great grip on climbs and kicking on the flats. They glide quietly without a rattle on the downhills. Flexes into tele turns nicely when the opportunity presents. I love not having to carry around or mess about with wax... more time playing in the snow. Great go anywhere skis.

Great All Around BC Skis

this Madshus Eon waxable skis review by Larry

I like these skis. Just took them out for a week of back country skiing and they worked great. They are an easy turning ski that can be driven with a fairly light weight boot. If you really commit to a turn on the steep, they come around real quick once you load them up and get the softer tip carving into the turn. Lots of fun. They are a good compromise between my wide full telemark skis and my lighter straight cut double camber skis. They climbed up steep powder covered climbs with good predictable grip. They were a little slower on the flats than my straight cut skis, but I waxed a little softer then optimum because we were doing far more climbing then on the flats. I only waxed at the beginning of the trip with an extra blue kicker and it lasted throughout the week.

A Great Light Responsive Back Country Ski

this Madshus Eon waxable skis review by S. Stanton

I have been a xc skier / instructor for 30 years. I have watched the development of the industry and progress of the equipment from the Nato white skis of the 40s till now. I ski waxable for its ability to meet all conditions and it's gliding quality's. These skis turn easily and keep you on top. Great flex throughout the entire ski. I should have bought new skis sooner. My old Tua's have been put away in my history of skis collection. Buy these skis you will be happy. Buy waxable! Ski farther faster easier.

Super Climbing and Better On Downhill Runs

this Madshus Eon skis review by Ski Gnome

Spent the weekend in the Dolly Sods Wilderness in West Virginia where everything is up or down w/ just enough flat to catch your breath. The Eon performed better than expected. The light weight really helped this old man keep up on the climbs and flats. The decents were really fun and tele turns were great. These are the best skis I have been on in a long time.

I Love These Skis

this Madshus Eon skis review by Tea

I love these skis. I always cross country skied in the back country with too many challenges. These Eon skis make it effortless. I can maneuver the down hill trails and I can climb back up. Who could ask for more. Kick glide is a bit slower but using the Swix Easy Glide for waxless skis helped a lot. ORS staff was great in answering my questions. I would recommend these skis to my friends and family.

Great "Do-It-All" Skis

this Madshus Eon skis review by Jacob

I recently came back from a week on these skis in the central Cascades (Washington). They are great at blazing trails through rolling terrain and I was impressed at how well the kick pattern climbs. The tips being so wide and the camber being relatively soft kept the tips reaching for the sky in powder above my knees. The sidecut and metal edges also allowed me to make big, arcing turns in the thick, wet powder we get in the Cascades. I paired these with the Voile three pin cable binding, but have not yet used the cable. For me, this ski/binding combination was the ideal balance giving great performance on rolling terrain, offering enough glide to be fun and go fast, and enough downhill performance to make intermediate downhill terrain easily manageable and fun.

Great Skis for Blazing Your Own Trail

this Madshus Eon skis review by Jeff

I bought these skis at the start of the season, and so far I am very pleased. I ski frozen lakes, non-groomed trails, and forested country. I paired these metal edged skis with Voile HD 3-pin bindings, and was very pleased with greatly improved control/stability over my old backcountry skis. Waiting for deeper snow to test their flotation. I was surprised and disappointed to find a "Made In China" label on the skis.

Super Versatile Skis

this Madshus Eon skis review by Nemo

I was looking for a ski that would do it all and in variable conditions... I found it. This ski does a great job off-trail and in the deep stuff. I haven't tried to turn them yet, but they feel like they will take steep hills just fine. Versatility comes at the expense of performance at both ends of the nordic / backcountry spectrum though. Not super efficient on the flats, especially on groomed trail, nor is it aggressive enough for serious telemarking. With the right boots and bindings, though, a skilled skier could go just about anywhere in these. Overall, for my purposes, a great choice.

Dyno ski for not too much money

this Madshus Eon skis review by Retro tourer

Been using the ski for a couple years in Montana, Yellowstone, Colorado 10th Mt huts, etc. Climbs well, the waxable version glides okay on the flats. Not as good as my wooden asnes, but a good ski for towing a sled or hauling gear with a pack.

Perfect Back Country Striding Ski

this Madshus Eon skis review by John from MN

I purchased Eon 205 wax skis with Voile 3 Pin binding in 2013 and have skied with them more than 50 times. I paired these with an aggressive Fischer BCX 875 boot for maximum control. I typically ski from our house after work with the dog on Minnesota wooded snow shoe type trails, full of twists and turns. The 3 Pin binding with a stout boot equals great control. The ability to break and set trail and stay in control on the down hills is vastly different than my other XC skis. I still skate ski and enjoy my race classics but majority of my skiing is on the Eon's.

Madshus Eon 62 Skis|MGV Omni Waxless Backcountry Touring Ski
Madshus Eon 62 Skis|MGV Omni Waxless Backcountry Touring Ski

Madshus Eon MGV - Omni skis (formerly Karhu XCD GT) deliver a true blending of cross country and telemark ski design, ideal for serious backcountry touring on the climb up, run down and extended kick & glide sessions. Full metal edges with dynamic camber for total versatility and control in all snow conditions. Bottom line, the Eon is considered by many to be the ultimate multi-tool ski...

Regular price: $295.00
Sale price: $259.95
Backcountry Touring Package #6
Backcountry Touring Package #6

Excellent all around backcountry touring ski package ideal for long tours where flat packed snow sections and fresh snow and more technical downhill sections are common, featuring 75mm 3-Pin boots and bindings for optimum downhill control for when challenging terrain comes along.

Regular price: $605.00
Sale price: $448.99
Out the Back Door Explore Package #1
Out the Back Door Explore Package #1

Out the Back Door/Explore Package #1 features one of our bestselling skis, the Madshus Eon, an excellent all around backcountry touring ski ideal for long tours where you’ll encounter both flat packed snow sections we well as rolling sections covered in unbroken snow.

Regular price: $629.00
Sale price: $514.99

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