Available Options

All the options below are ready the same moment you request one and you can start riding in an instant.

Pick the one option you like the most and mix and match until you find the right experience. Owning a snowmobile is expensive, but renting one is extremely affordable and now you can see why.

0,5h driving

$5/ once

  • Vehicle Type
  • Route
  • Safety Gear
  • Fuel
  • Assistance

30 min ride

$10 per 30 min

  • Any vehicle
  • Any route
  • Safety gear

All day

$100per day

  • Any vehicle
  • Any route
  • Safety gear
  • Full assistance
  • Switching vehicles

Steps to take

Select the option

– Out Of given options select which you find suitable.

Pay for the service

– now you can make the payment through any source.

Place an order

– After that your order will be placed.


– Now, enjoy your ride to the fullest.

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