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Rossignol BC70 Cross Country Skis<br>Discussion, Help, Questions and Answers

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Discuss the Rossignol BC70 metal edge, waxless skis for backcountry touring. Use the form below to fire away with your questions, answers and general comments about this product or anything else on your mind.
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Ken L. asks - Would you explain the key differences between the Rossignol BC 70 and the Madshus Eon (waxless)? Which one climbs better? Are they both considered double-cambered skis? Thanks.

ORS Crew (Ryan) answers - The BC 70 is a double cambered ski while the Eon is a bit softer and considered a camber and a half. The Eon is also wider (83-62-70) compared to the BC 70 (70-60-65) so it is better for off trail use and in softer snow. Also, because of the softer camber and wider profile, the Eon climbs a bit better.

Reece asks - I'm trying to decide between the Rossignol BC70 skis and Rossignol BC 65 skis (or Fischer Spider 62 skis) and could use some advice. I'm relatively new to x/c but know I want full metal edges, will be heading out from my house, often on snowmobile trails, occasionally at groomed nordic trails, and occasionally breaking trail in the backcountry. I'll be pairing the ski with a Voile Hardwire 3-pin binding and Scarpa T4 boots.

ORS Crew (Ryan) answers - All three of those skis are great choices for cruising snowmobile trails but if you're also looking to lock into groomed tracks, you'll want to stay away from the BC70s as they are really too wide to fit in the tracks. Technically, you shouldn't go wider than 62mm, but I say the BC65, which is 65mm at the widest point, is close enough. The BC 70 at 70mm however is really too wide for groomed nordic ski tracks. The other thing is your boot / binding choice, which isn't a common pairing with those skis. The Scarpa T4 is a heavy duty, plastic shelled backcountry boot designed to power wide skis through deep powder. They are definitely overkill for the kind of skiing you are referring to. And the Voile Hardwires will only add unnecessary resistance to each kick. If you're looking for a boot with more support than a touring boot, you may want to consider an NNN BC boot and binding combination, such as the Alpina BC 1550 boot (also available in the Alpina BC 1550L for women) with NNN BC Magnum bindings. This set up would be much more comfortable for touring. But if you really like the Scarpa T4s and the Hardwires, that is perfectly fine, but I'd say forget the Nordic Centers, or at least the groomed tracks, and maybe look at the Madshus Eon skis, which are a backcountry touring ski that will be a much better match with Scarpa T4 boots and Voile Hardwire bindings. The Madshus Eon is a bit wider than the Rossignol BC70 skis so it will be great for breaking trail and downhill turns, yet it still cruises nicely on packed snow.

Bob C. asks - I'm looking to get back into teleskiing after many years (mostly lift-served). Am an old school, leather Merrill boot guy, with old Tua skis that need to be replaced. Does the Rossi BC70 fit that bill, or is there better choice(s)?

ORS Crew (Ryan) answers - I wouldn't say the Rossignol BC70 skis fit the bill for any lift serve skiing. It is a light duty backcountry touring ski designed for kicking and gliding along moderate to flat terrain on packed snow surfaces with a little trailbreaking thrown in. It is double cambered like a classic ski for efficient touring on packed snow and is relatively narrow. Tele skis are wider for stability and floatation and single cambered for easier turning. If you're using leather boots, you don't want a ski that is too wide, so I would recommend the Madshus Epoch or Madshus Eon, or the Fischer S-Bound 112 with the Voile 3-pin cable binding. You can certainly make tele turns with the BC70 skis, but you'll have a better time with any of these other options.

Rossignol BC 70 Positrack Skis - Backcountry Rossignol Skis
Rossignol BC 70 Positrack Skis - Backcountry Rossignol Skis

Rossignol BC70 Positrack waxless skis with full metal edges are for backcountry touring over flat and rolling terrain with occasional days spent cruising groomed tracks at touring centers thrown in the mix.


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